Interview: Heather Hickman of "The Sojourners Among Us"

FBCNorco member, Heather Hickman, has a new blog dedicated to Christ centered social action. It’s called “The Sojourners Among Us.” I had the privilege to interview Heather about the blog. Here is the conversation:

Heather, can you briefly tell us what The Sojourners Among Us is all about?
Well, the focus of this blog is clearly displayed in the title, “The Sojourners Among Us.” In the Old Testament, the sojourners were those that were outside of the covenant (those without land), but were within Israel’s purview. In Deuteronomy 10:17-21, it becomes quite apparent that the people of God should value what God values; therefore, they are to love the sojourner. In today’s global society, the sojourners among us are many and I have decided to concentrate specifically on them. I will focus in on slavery and its causes and implications.

What is the desired outcome of all this?
This blog is intended to be for other serious-minded Christians who want to think more critically about social issues. It should then press Christians to engage in thoughtful discussion of these issues and then to act upon these ideas. An overarching question for this entire blog will be, “As those who have been rescued out of darkness and given life in Jesus Christ, how do we think about and engage these social issues?” With that said, I am hoping to see fellow Christians become active in these areas. I hope to see that this action is necessarily driven by their theology, not simply by a compassionate heart. Serious/thoughtful discussion and resulting action is what I desire to see.

What features or types of posts can we expect to see on the blog?
My main focus will be posting short entries that either highlight an issue or ask a thought-provoking question about the issue and/or how Christians should respond to it. I will pull from a number of different sources, some Christian and some non-Christian. I will also include some worthwhile videos, quotes, and many helpful links to a variety of websites.

How would you like readers to correspond with you?
I hope for my readers to comment on my posts. From that I would like to see thoughtful discussions developed. Contributing to these developing discussions myself is also something I would like to spend time doing. In addition to commenting on the blog post, I would love to have these conversations with people in person in day-to-day life.