Help Send Cara to India (While Helping the Planet)


Ok check it out check it out. Cara has officially made the decision that is FEBRUARY she will be heading off to INDIA! that’s right, I said it. INDIA! the cost of my trip is looking like about $4,500 and so I have to jump on the fundraising train ASAP. My mom, being the miracle fundraiser guru, found a company online where you can recycle food wrappers for $$.

Wrappers like chip bags, candy wrappers, capri sun juice pouchs and much more. for every wrapper I collect, the recycling company will give me $.02, which doesn’t sound like a lot, and it isn’t but…think of schools. Kids throw away a MASSIVE amount of all sorts of those recyclable goods everyday. So today at Crossroads, i started telling the kids at the lunch tables to give me their food wrappers and juice pouches to help send me to India. The kids were a little confused at first, naturally, but after explaining what I was doing and where I was going, they were so excited to help. I look at it this way, there is really no downside to this fundraising opportunity because I am able to reduce trash in the landfills (amazing), raise money I wouldn’t have otherwise received (great), explain to kids about the world and the need for workers (my passion), and I don’t even have to pay for shipping out the trash! So legit right!?