Invisible Children Legacy Tour, Event Recap and Photographs

Just got home from an amazing night at FBCN. The Invisible Children Legacy Tour rolled into Norco and spent the evening with 185 FBCN Members, our friends, families and students. Ronald, Christina, John and Garrett came in with tons of energy, a bunch of merchandise, and one very important message. 

Thousands of Ugandan children have been kidnapped and brainwashed by Joseph Koney’s Lord’s Resistance Army and forced to kill and prey on the innocent. Many more thousands have been displaced due to the ongoing war and violence that has spread across Uganda and neighboring African countries. 

The Legacy Tour team showed two films (The Rescue, The Update) and then Ronald took the stage and talked about his experiences in Uganda, specifically, how Invisible Children has made it possible for him to go to and graduate from high school. His message was change. Change is possible. Education can change lives. Wars can end. 

After a Q&A session everyone moved over to the fellowship hall to talk with the Roadies and Ronald, and to buy a ton of a Invisible Children merchandise. 

As the night came to a close we stayed and chatted with Ronald, Christina, John and Garrett about their lives, where they’re from, how they got involved with IC, sports, music and Disneyland. 

It was a fun and important night. A blessing to all who came. Pray that God would use Invisible Children to bring justice, and more importantly the good news of Christ, to the people of Uganda.

Thanks to everyone involved, especially to Chad Rickard and Matt Cobb (the brains and braun that brought the event to FBCN).