"Test, Train, Affirm & Send Into Ministry" by Brian Croft

A Book Recommendation from Pastor Jeff Mooney

“Test Train, Affirm & Send into Ministry” by Brian Croft

Brian Croft’s book, Test Train, Affirm & Send into Ministry, provides an alternate opinion to the pervasive concept of “calling” into the ministry. Croft highlights the necessity of the church’s responsibility to execute the external call to or affirm individuals who claim a personal divine draw to the ministry. This perspective undermines the highly individualistic, exclusive, almost Gnostic sense of call that people speak about today and which is automatically considered above evaluation or critique from anyone, let alone the local church. This book will start lots of conversations and change some minds about how we as the body of Christ, particularly in the Low Church tradition, affirm the pastoral ministry of individuals. Thank you, Pastor Croft, for contributing to this important conversation!