Why is the Gospel Important for Unbelievers and Believers Alike?

Pastor Mooney’s 15 Point List from Sunday’s Sermon

  1. It’s the only means by which people are saved from sin.
  2. It’s the thing that portrays God as abosolutely just.
  3. It’s the thing that portrays God as absolutely holy.
  4. It’s the structure under which all other matters should be gathered. 
  5. It provides freedom from the power of sin.
  6. It provides a point of orientation to love those who have nothing in common with us.
  7. It provides basis to love our enemies.
  8. It liberates us from self love.
  9. It provides our primary identity.
  10. It provides a real point of distinction between us and the rest of the secular world.
  11. It distinguishes the follower of Jesus from the religious world.
  12. It provides us compassion for the destitute.
  13. It provides ground for humility and hope toward unrepentant sinners.
  14. It provides the grounds to speak directly and without apology to sin.
  15. It establishes relationships with people across the globe who have nothing in common with us politically, socially, economically, or otherwise.