Sanctity of Life Sermon Application Points

1. Know the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • God – Righteous creator of all that has ever been created.
  • Man – Dead in sin … . . and glad about it.
  • Christ – Substitution for the divine wrath and justice that should be exercised toward sinners.
  • Response – Faith and repentance. 

2. Know the gospel of Jesus Christ and its natural social reorientation.

3. See both abortion and racism as vile elements of society and even more so vile issues with which the church is still struggling to define itself.
4. Love life!  Be willing to take in kids that might be aborted, as well as mothers that are destitute and without hope.

5. Begin to ask yourself the hard questions about race.

  • Do I judge others’ intelligence by their race before I meet them?
  • Do I judge others’ character based on race before I know them?
  • Would I be upset if my child married outside of my race?
  • Is my real criterion to measure with the attachment the individual has to Christ?