How Do I Start Praying?

Application from Pastor Jeff’s sermon “Authentic Prayer Before God”

Make simple praying an intentional part of your everyday experience.

  • have a Prayer Week,
  • or pray for before meals,
  • or pray before an Leadership Team meeting,
  • or kneel and pray in your wedding right after your vows,
  • or at the beginning of a sermon,
  • or early in the morning before breakfast
  • or with your wife and kids before everyone heads for bed
  • or with your spouse alone, just before you go to bed at night,
  • or over the lunch hour in your office, cubicle, lunch table, restaurant
  • or on House Group night for your leader and their family,
  • or three times a day on your knees like Daniel (Daniel 6:10),
  • or seven times a day like the psalmist (Psalm 119:164),
  • or in the watches of the night (Psalm 119:148),
  • or during and after your read your Bible in the morning.

*The bulk of this list was taken from John Piper’s sermon “Praying in the Closet and in the Spirit”