Missions Update: Philippines Team A

After some minor travel “bumps” the team and I arrived in the YunJin Ministry Center here in Manila, Philippines. We got some sleep and started off the first day without a hitch.  The morning arrived as we ate our breakfast and started with team prayer.  Drew, Santiago and myself then proceeded to help with a house K.I.M. is building for one of it’s Filippino employees. Meanwhile Jessica, Meghan and Lizzy got to help take some kids from the nursery to the doctor’s office.  After lunch the guys and I chatted on eph. 2 with the Filippino construction workers and then we all took a tour of the Cuatro squatter community.  As we winded between the squatter village we were introduced to Filippino poverty.  And finished the night with some devotions at 7.  

For the most part, the day went well, minus a few sunburns that is. It is great to be here together.  One highlight came earlier in the morning, while working on Arnold’s new home.  While sawing some steel Arnold pauses and looks at me, in his filippino accent says, “God is good.” Somewhat thrown-off by the timing I smile still focused on the steel, “yeah he is.But what makes you say that?” Again in broken english, “I didn’t think my house would be built. But now it is.”—-Just a few moments earlier he was describing how the recent typhoon made his house “dance”—-“and now you’re here to help.” 

Arnold is a construction worker for K.I.M. His new home may not be more than an 8x10 cinder block box, but it certainly will not do anymore “dancing”.  He and his wife were changed by the Gospel a little over a year ago.  And today he invited me to his wedding ceremony on May 28th. Apparently he and his wife never had an actual ceremony, but he wants to do that for her.  God is good.