Missions Update: Philippines Team A

Another Sunday has dawned in Manila, this one tinged bittersweet as Meghan, Jessica, and I said goodbye to the Norco guys. After the team from Sol, Korea left it seems very quiet here. Our days have been busy with construction projects, reading programs, feedings, devotions and Bible studies. Jeff Long has been such a blessing to really figure out what our individual gifts are and put them to their best use. From the first day he heard i was in nursing school he dubbed me the new resident nurse for the Yunjin Liso MInistry Center. I took it on with a prayerful, if skeptical, heart. I have been so blessed with the opportunities God has provided for me so far. I have been going on the feedings every morning, sometimes with another nurse and sometimes by myself. At first it was overwhelming to see the amount of need and the lack of resources to be able to help, but it has been amazing to return to the same places every week and talk to the people there. With all the construction going on and a group of 55 high school students there have also been plenty of opportunities for healing around the Y.M.C. I had the opportunity to remove two sets of stiches, put cream on bug bites and burns, and used plenty of bandaids on cuts and scrapes. I also was able to go to several doctors appointments with different children from the nursery at the Children’s Home. It was very interesting to see the differences and similarities between the healthcare systems and also to spend time with the nurse from the nursery, Debbie. She was an Emergency Room nurse in the United States for about 20 years and just moved here in September. It has been so encouraging and helpful to hear about her experiences and her life. The people here are all so amazing and inspirational. It has been really great to see everyone’s passion and their commitment to living out God’s will daily. All of these things have already had a huge impact on my life and greatly contributed to my desire to stay an extra 3 weeks. Miles successfully helped Jessica and I change our tickets Friday afternoon and we will both be returning June 21. We are all excited to continue serving Go here whether that is through construction, feedings, taking out stitches, reading to kids, playing with toddlers, or leading Bibles studies. God is so much bigger than anything we can imagine and Jeff Long and Kids International Ministry do an amazing job of getting people out of their comfort zone, and removing the boundaries we place on what God can do. 

Although it will be different, and perhaps a little more desolate, without the Norco guys here with us, the Norco ladies are committed to continuing with our work and our ministries here. The CBU ISP team arrives here June 1 and we are all excited to see and work with them. It never ceases to amaze me how many different opportunities there are here every day and we are all excited to take full advantage of every opportunity that presents itself. We miss you all at Norco and cannot wait to return to our family there and tell you all what amazing things are happening in the Philippines. God Bless and see you all soon!

Lizzy Garcia