Missions Update: Jessica in the Philippines

It has been such an amazing month here in Manila. It seems like it was just yesterday that we landed not really knowing what to expect for the next month or so of our lives. All of us girls are doing well and are still plugging away in areas we have been investing in over the last month. I have been able to coordinate and arrange schedules in the nursery as well continue to serve in the rotation of caring for the babies. We are still going out on the feedings and are seeing relationships grow with the people in those communities. God has been so good to teach us and show us how faithful He is (Duet 7:9)  One of the most encouraging things for me has been seeing how much the fruit of our(and many others) discipling many of the girls here last summer has been/is being harvested this summer. It is such a blessing to see many of the girls here learn to trust God. Just one example being a casual conversation I had with one of the girls. Me: Ella how are you today? Are you doing good? Ella responds: Tita, I am always good because God is always helping me. Also Last week we had an opportunity to take some of the older girls from the Children’s Home to a Hillsong Concert here in Manila. While at the concert all four of them re-committed their lives to Christ. I would ask for prayer that this commitment would be one that is lived out in their lives and would be a starting point for a strong and passionate relationship with their creator. So in the next couple weeks Lizzy and I will end our time here in Manila and head home; while Meghan will remain here for another couple weeks. My prayer has been the these next weeks would be spent for the Gospel and our lives would be lived as intentionally as possible. I find my self praying the words of the Psalmist in Psalm 90:12 ” So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.” I ask that you would join in this prayer for us as well.