This is the third in a series of interviews posted to the blog so you can get to know your first and second year FBCN Interns.

Name - PJ Santiago
Age - 24
Major / Occupation - Applied Theology at CBU
Hometown - Stockton, CA

What is your dream job? Pastoring, coaching basketball and/or teaching

Where do you want to live in the future? A large city

Who is your favorite character in the Old Testament? Moses

What is your favorite book of the Bible and why? James – It clearly shows the relationship between faith and works. And I took a class that covered the book, which I enjoyed.

Who is your favorite non-biblical author(s)? ESPN writers…do they count?

Who is your favorite poet? Dr. Seuss

Who is your favorite musician / band? Elton John, John Mayer, Faith Hill

What is your favorite movie? Catch Me If You Can

What is your favorite book (besides the Bible of course)? “Old Testament Ethics for the People of God” by Christopher Wright

What are your future plans (immediate and long term)? Go to Seminary, lead in some capacity at a church, and hopefully go overseas someday.

What is your favorite food? Pizza

Your favorite quote? “No comment.” - Michael Jordan, after being asked for his response to making the All-Interview Team :D

Why are you an intern at FBCN? As an intern and member, I could not see myself in a better situation. I value everything that FBCN values and I have grown a lot through the leaders and members here.