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Pastor Jeff Mooney
February 26, 2012

Sermon Notes:

  • “The concept of feeling is central to our understanding of the local church. 
  • “Feeling is a reverberation from your assessment of something.”
  • “One of the things that gets left out of discussions on feeling in the church is the Fear of the Lord. It appears in the Bible, however, some 475 times.”
  • “The Fear of the Lord is a Central Point of Assessment”

A. How to Better Understand the Fear of the Lord

  • It Really is Fear
  • Fear Really Should be Only for the Living God 

B. Fear Should Really Only Be For the Living God

C. Several Things that a Genuine Assessment of God Produces

  • Reason to obey
  • Grounds to live a practical life
  • People who believe this cant treat other people with cruelty (Leviticus 19)
  • Grounds for praise and delight (Isaiah 11)
  • Grounds for persuading others

D. So How Do We Get It?

  • Corporate Worship (Deuteronomy 14)
  • Reading the Bible (Deuteronomy 17:19)

E. Questions for Us…

  • Do you do the stuff that causes you to fear the Lord?
  • What are we doing here (at FBCN) that would drive us more to the concept of the fear of God?