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Pastor Jeff Mooney
March 18, 2012

Sermon Notes:

“A healthy body is a body that speaks the Gospel clearly.”

“Sharing the Gospel can be costly. Not as costly as not sharing it though.” 

I. What is the Gospel and why is it beautiful?

A. We must speak of GOD
     B. We must speak of MAN / SIN
     C. JESUS
     D. Response (Repent and Believe)

II. Why should I know the Gospel if I’m already saved?

A. Because God and his works are worth proclaiming
     B. Jesus came to save sinners and sinners are worthy of our love

III. Application

     A. How do we share the Gospel?

          1. In Love
          2. Without Fear
          3. With Humility 
          4. With Hope
          5. Courteously (Carefully)

     B. The Nature of the Decision

          1. The decision is important
          2. The decision is urgent
          3. The decision is worth it