Ok, so first, some background information. The little girl in the picture above is Inas. The girl with her is Julia, who some of us at FBCN (Pastor Mooney, Bekah and Karis Mooney, Adrian Martinez, Nik Brownell) have gotten to know and love through her boyfriend Aaron Williams (member of FBCN serving overseas for a few years now). The message below is a call for help that Julia sent out today.

Three months ago, six-year-old Inas fell over. Witnesses say it wasn’t more than a “sit” down but Inas’ delicate bones, worn down by malnutrition of extreme poverty, couldn’t handle the pressure. Her thigh bone split in half. 

Because Inas is from a refugee family from Gaza, Inas lives in a precarious social status in Jordan. Without citizenship, Inas and her family cannot access health care or any form of economic or political representation. When Inas got hurt, her family took her to the local hospital where they knew they could barter family goods for payment if needed.  

The doctors were inattentive, a parent’s worst nightmare, but they had no choice. The doctors put Inas in a body cast that stretched from her chest to her toes. Inas spent 10 days flat on her back in the hospital waiting for the doctors to review her case before she was released to go home. The inattention continued. Originally told she had to be in her cast for a month, Inas spent 3 months in complete bed rest waiting for her cast to be removed. With no physical movement or stimulation, sweet little Inas turned sad and aggressive and fell behind in school.

This week Inas finally got her cast off! But, to everyone’s dismay, the doctors announced her leg had been set 3 cm off. Little Inas will not be able to walk or stand properly unless she gets a corrective surgery, one that will cost the family about $1000.

The same amount as the family’s yearly salary, food and education for their family of 6, they have no means of providing or even borrowing such a significant sum. 

The family’s only option is to beg neighbors for money to afford Inas’ treatment. Unfortunately, in the refugee camp almost all medical care is paid for by the donations of neighbors so Inas has competition and little hope of getting help because she is a girl. 

“Maybe if she was a boy, people would donate because his future would be worth it, but they see her as a girl and not worth the money,” a camp woman and friend explained to me. 

I want to send Inas a different message. One that says she’s worth health and a future, regardless of her gender or political status. Will you partner with me to be Inas’ neighbors and raise the $1000 to give little Inas the chance to walk again? 

Click here for more information about Inas, Julia and the Gaza Refugee Camp.


  • Fill out the form below with your name and the amount you are donating.
  • Please be sure to bring your donation to FBCN this Sunday, April 29th. 
  • We will be accepting cash, checks made out to First Baptist Church of Norco.
  • See Bekah Mooney on Sunday, she will be the one collecting the money.