From the CBU Mobilization Blog

Moi from Finlandia!

In typical Bethany fashion, we have an acronym to describe our time thus far:

Feet are sore
Impeccable English
Nature all around
Learning the culture
Angry birds are here
Never-setting sun
Diligence in sharing the truth

It is 10:30 at night, and we just watched the sun begin to set today. We are in such a unique city and the more we explore the more we fall in love it.

The team has been working and playing hard. We have been serving local church members by meeting cleaning needs and our guys even helped build a house. We cannot describe how incredible it is to love and be loved by our Finnish brothers and sisters. Our main task has been to meet people and engage the culture through surveys. Starting conversations are hard, but we just have to go for it. After we get past our own timidity, we find the people are warm, friendly, and willing to engage. We have begun to see that although this is the 2nd happiest country in the world, many here struggle with a true happiness.

On Sunday, the team spent the morning in a local Finnish church in the outskirts of the city and then in the evening attended a local community church downtown. It was awesome to see healthy bodies of Christ thriving in a very pluralistic society. We have loved getting to know a local worker from the states. He has been spending a ton of time with the team and we have been so blessed by his insight and bubbly personality. It is always an adventure with him.

The team is a bit tired, but we have found some sweet time to relax over a cup of coffee or in a quaint park close to the sea shore. Please pray that we remain unified as a team. God is so good and there is so much to boast in Him about.

Moi Moi, Cara