From the CBU Mobilization Blog

We have just reached our two week mark. How quickly the time goes! Yesterday we took a day trip another city nearby. We toured the beautiful city and had probably the best cup of hot chocolate we have ever tasted! Today we will head about three hours north to help lead a young adults youth camp. The camp will be a great opportunity for us get know more Finnish believers and a chance to be able to teach them some of the things we know about sharing God’s word.

It is really hard to explain all that the team has been learning over the past two weeks. For most of us, we have seen a different side of how to live intentionally. We have been encouraged and challenged in incredible ways.

Please pray that we Finnish strong. Even though this has been an incredible experience thus far, with only a week left we are starting to feel a little sense of burn out. The Finnish are known for their drive to accomplish the task so please pray that we have that same drive.

Thanks again for lifting us up.

We love Finland!!!