From the CBU Mobilization Blog

 Let us count our blessings.

  • Mosquito bites: too many to count
  • Times we ate per day: 6 (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, late night snack, then sausages around the campfire)
  • Chocolate purchased: 8 bags full from the factory
  • The amount of times going from the sauna to the icy lake: as many as one body can handle!
  • Being blessed when expecting to bless others: priceless

We just spent the last three days getting a true Finnish experience at a young adults camp where we connected with young believers who blessed our socks off. They said the camp would be truly Finnish because of its location at an awesome cabin overlooking the lake and surrounded by forests, the smoke saunas, and the thousands of mosquitos. I think what truly made it Finnish, however, was the quality time we were able to spend living life with fellow Finns; enjoying nature, each other’s company and our Creator.

We have just two days left to soak in what we can from such an incredible country full of some amazing people. Please pray for endurance for us during our last days back in the city and ask that our time would lead to fruitful conversations.

In His service,