Easter Resources for Children

By Joe Gemignani

Easter is fast approaching, and it can be difficult to find an Easter resource that you trust to guide your family devotions or Bible readings. The other struggle is to find time and space to read, sing, pray and talk about Jesus and the Word of God with your children. This brief post is aimed at the first difficulty - finding resources! Here are a few resources that we suggest, based on age and content, to give you some ideas for this Easter season:


Good for ages 0-2

Part of the Baby Believer Primer series, this resource is focused on a few emotions that one might experience in response to the final week before the crucifixion of Christ - excitement, thankfulness and surprise! The book is short, beautifully illustrated and fun. You can read this book over and over again leading up to Easter! It’s also a good read for any part of the year!


Best for ages 3-6

This wonderfully illustrated book walks from Creation to New Creation in just a few pages, tracing the theme of God’s presence. The first humans enjoyed the full presence of God, but because of their sin, were cast from the Garden. We see in the temple a mediated way back to God, but on the Cross, Jesus grants his followers full access to God once more through himself. This will be finally and unimaginably perfect when on the last day we dwell with God in a new garden for all eternity. This book is great for a 15-minute read with an older child, or a three-part read with younger children! A great read to prepare for Resurrection Sunday! You can also purchase the coloring book that goes alongside the story!


Best for ages 5-10

This book comes with 14-days worth of 10-15 minute devotional guides about Jesus’s last days on earth. The book is aimed at helping children understand the significance of the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus. Each day provides you material to “Read about it, Think about it, Talk about it, Pray about it, and Sing about it.” Some even include crafts or activities! Even if you cannot do everything included for each day, the book will give you great ideas of how to spend focused time with your children in the Word through this Easter season!


Best for ages 7-11 (grades 3-5)

While this book is longer than the other options listed here, it is still certainly worth the read with your older children - perhaps in multiple sittings. This gives an account of the week leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus from the perspective of the King’s donkey. Davey - the donkey that was picked to carry Jesus into Jerusalem - is taught the true meaning of Jesus’s death and resurrection by a fellow donkey. This resource is reliable and comes from an author and theologian who has produced many trustworthy and sanctifying resources.

In the introduction to this post, we mentioned a second difficult problem that you may be facing - creating regular and recurring time and space to actually read the Bible, pray, sing, and talk with your children about Jesus. We will begin posting in our monthly newsletter a recommended family discipline for how to do this with your kids! We will keep it anonymous, but it will introduce you to different ways that families at Redeemer have implemented consistent and realistic habits and rhythms in their lives to spend focused time pointing their children to Jesus. The goal is for the gospel to be a natural point of conversation in the homes of our members at Redeemer. These family discipleship patterns are aimed at producing just that - a gospel culture at home! Stay tuned!