New Music - "When I Approach My God"

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We are very excited to teach this song at FBCN this month. These words, written by John Newton, are a helpful reminder and expression of the doctrine of imputed righteousness.

Great God! from you theres nought concealed you see my inward frame; To you I always stand revealed exactly as I am! Since I can hardly bare what in myself I often see; How vile and dark must I appear, most holy God, to thee

And since my Savior stands between, in garments dyed in blood, Tis he, instead of me, is seen, when I approach my God. When I approach my God.

Thus, though a sinner, I am safe; He pleads before the Throne His life and death on my behalf; and calls my sins his own.

What wondrous love, what mysteries, in this appointment shine! My breaches of the law are his, and his obedience mine. And his obedience mine

And since my Savior stands between, in garments dyed in blood, Tis he, instead of me, is seen, when I approach my God. When I approach my God.

Pray for Kyrgyzstan


From The Voice of the Martyrs:

In 1924, the country was incorporated into the Soviet Union and achieved independence in 1991. President Akayev’s rule, which began in 1990, was initially marked by promising democratic reforms, but showed only corruption. In spring 2005, he was ousted. The former prime minister became president in 2005 in elections that were considered significantly free and open. Orchestrated by the political opposition protesting corruption (especially in the 2009 election) and increased living costs, riots in 2010 spread and escalated to a countrywide level. They led to the flight of the president and the swearing in of a new provisional president in July 2010. These changes also heralded the creation of Central Asia’s first parliamentary democracy.

Kyrgyzstan has remained secular despite some pressure from Muslim and Orthodox groups for exclusive status. There has been a steady increase in restrictions on, and government scrutiny of, all religious practice, particularly since July 2007. Registration is commonly denied to churches, and expatriate work permits are limited. The government perceives extremist Islamic movements to be a threat, and a 2005 law against extremism was passed, as well as a new law on religious activity in January 2009. There is some hope that the religious laws may change under the new government, as they have restored much freedom of the press, but there are not yet any changes to the religious law.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for believers to stand firm and demonstrate the power and love of Christ.Pray for a just and righteous government that will oversee the genuine transformation of the Kyrgyz nation.
  • Pray that religious freedom will be respected under the rule of law and Christians no longer subject to harassment.

R.C. Sproul’s Crucial Questions eBooks Now Free Forever


You heard right!

All 14 of R.C. Sproul's Crucial Questions books are now FREE!!!! You can download them for Kindle or iBooks. Click here for the links to each book or just head on over to the Kindle Store or Apple iBooks store and download them for free!

  • What is Baptism?
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  • Does God Control Everything?
  • What is Faith?
  • How Should I Live in This World?
  • What is the Trinity?
  • Can I Trust the Bible?
  • Can I Be Sure I'm Saved?
  • Can I Know God's Will?
  • Does Prayer Change Things?

The Explicit Gospel - Free Audio Book


“This book, like the gospel itself, is clarifying, convicting, comforting, and compelling all at the same time. I wholeheartedly invite you to read it, to be overwhelmed by the mercy and majesty of God in the gospel, and then to spend your life making this gospel explicit in every facet of your life and to every corner of the earth!”

—David Platt

John Piper on Suffering and Worship

Image "Suffering in the path of Christian obedience, with joy - because the steadfast love of the Lord is better than life (Psalm 63:3) - is the clearest display of the worth of God in our lives. Therefore, faith-filled suffering is essential in this world for the most intense, authentic worship. When we are most satisfied with God in suffering, he will be most glorified in us in worship."

- John Piper, Tested by Fire

Dostoyevsky on Suffering

20130602-180253.jpg “I believe like a child that suffering will be healed and made up for, that all the humiliating absurdity of human contradictions will vanish like a pitiful mirage, like the despicable fabrication of the impotent and infinitely small Euclidean mind of man, that in the world’s finale, at the moment of eternal harmony, something so precious will come to pass that it will suffice for all hearts, for the comforting of all resentments, for the atonement of all the crimes of humanity, for all the blood that they’ve shed; that it will make it not only possible to forgive but to justify all that has happened.”

- Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

He Has Already Given Us the Incomprehensible

Quoted by Pastor Jeff during Sunday's sermon:

"God gives us Jesus. If God didn't withhold from us his very own son will God withhold anything we need? If trust must be earned has not God unequivocally earned our trust with the bark on the raw wounds of Jesus, and the thorns pressed into his brow and your name on his cracked lips? How will he not graciously give us all things he deems best and right? He has already given us the incomprehensible."

- Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts

Tim Keller on Evil and Suffering


“The death of Jesus was qualitatively different from any other death. The physical pain was nothing compared to the spiritual experiences of cosmic abandonment. Christianity alone among the world religions claims that God became uniquely and fully human in Jesus Christ and therefore knows firsthand despair, rejection, loneliness, poverty, bereavement, torture, and imprisonment. On the cross he went beyond even the worst human suffering and experienced cosmic rejection and pain that exceeds ours as infinitely as his knowledge and power excels ours. In his death, God suffers in love, identifying with the abandoned and godforsaken. Why did he do it? The Bible says that Jesus came on a rescue mission for creation. He had to pay for our sins so that someday he can end evil and suffering without ending us. … If we again ask the question: ‘Why does God allow evil and suffering to continue?’ and we look at the cross of Jesus, we still do not know what the answer is. However, we know what the answer isn’t. It can’t be that he doesn’t love us. It can’t be that he is indifferent or detached from our condition. God takes our misery and suffering so seriously that he was willing to take it on himself. … So, if we embrace the Christian teaching that Jesus is God and that he went to the Cross, then we have deep consolation and strength to face the brutal realities of life on earth.”

The Reason For God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism (New York City: Dutton, 2008) p. 30.

Why Does God Allow Suffering?


On Sunday Pastor Jeff shared 10 reasons from Jared Wilson's Gospel Deeps:

  1. To remind us that the world is broken and groans for redemption.
  2. To do justice in response to Adam's (and our) sin.
  3. To remind us of the severity of the impact of Adam's (and our) sin.
  4. To keep us dependent on God.
  5. So that we long more for heaven and less for the world.
  6. To make us more like Christ, the suffering servant.
  7. To awaken the lost to their need for God.
  8. To make the bliss of heaven more sweet.
  9. So that Christ will get the glory in being our strength.
  10. So that, thereby, others see that he is our treasure, and not ourselves.