Au Privave

Java & Jazz + Au Privave

One more week to go before Java & Jazz.  And just to let you in on a little secret, Java & Jazz this year is really: Java & Jazz & More——.  Besides great coffee (Java) and great music (Jazz), there are several surprises in store for our guests, of which we are counting on you to be one.  There will still be the incredible silent auction with many, many terrific items, including, again this year, the vacation cabin in Colorado which was such a big hit last year.

After the performance, which, by the way, has broadened its musical genre, added some vocal talent and promises to be the best yet, we’ll be dancing under the stars once again and enjoying those fab desserts while we check out the door prizes, hear the winning raffle numbers, and see who managed to sneak in that last minute bid to claim their favorite auction item.  All this for $20.00 ($10.00 if you’re a student).  But, there’s more——

Lynn’s Au Privave Shop Extraordinaire will not only be open for business in Room E-3 on the nights of the performances (15th and 16th) but starting this coming Sunday, the 10th, will open and remain open through Mother’s Day, May 8th.  Lynn has put together some incredible gifts with most items going for under $10.00.Here are some testimonials from several shoppers from last year:

Dru:      “I couldn’t believe the prices!!”

Angela:  “Getting quality products at this pricing and supporting our church at the same time is truly great stewardship.”

Nicki:    “How cute and innovative.  I love this stuff!!”

Karis:    ”I want that, and that, AND that.  Oh my gosh!”

All this for $20.00 (oh yeah, we said that).  But truly, this is a great value by today’s standards (what does a tub of popcorn cost you at your local theater?), andremember folks, every dollar above cost goes to the FBCN International Missions Fund.  This year that fund will send (24) of our members to foreign lands carrying the name of Jesus to some who may never have heard the Gospel we hold so dear.  As many of you know, Dr. Mooney, in his time here at FBCN, has instilled in this congregation a desire, a compassion to share Jesus Christ with the lost whether they be our neighbors in Norco, non-believers in Turkey, those trapped by false beliefs in the Philippine Islands, or the many exploited by sex traffickers in Thailand.  If we are diligent, the money we raise at Java & Jazz may free a young woman or man from a life of hopelessness in the ghettos of New Delhi or the brothels of Chiang Mai.  That freedom may not come in the unshackling of earthly bonds, but rather the freedom of the soul to love and worship the one true savior, Jesus Christ.  

With this in mind, we ask you to participate.  Be involved.  Help where you can.  Tickets for Java & Jazz will be available this Sunday before, during and after the Easter Brunch.  And, for the first time, we will be able to accept credit cards and of course cash and checks are always welcome.  

May you be blessed by your faithfulness.