Matt Cobb: What I'm Reading

I have the week off from my main job and so it is a week to read as much as possible! I am reading a couple of different books, but the one that I’m most excited about is re-reading Sam Storms’ “Chosen for Life: The Case for Divine Election.” One of the biggest issues that people in Christian circles love to talk about is the issue of election. Although there are many books on election, Storms stands out for two major reasons in my opinion. First he does a wonderful job of basing his conclusions on Scripture. Even though we would think this to be the case for all people engaged in this continuous discussion, that is not the reality. Often people, both Christian and non-Christian alike, fall prey to creating a version of God based on their own logic or intuitions about God rather than submitting to the Biblical text. Secondly the book does not fall into the trap of making one side or the other (Calvinism/Arminianism) into a mere caricature. It is easier to slight one group as being irresponsible and foolish than to take the time to examine why that group believes what they believe.

I encourage each of you to examine the Scriptures and submit yourself to the text. 

1) A great way to examine the Scriptures is in the context of community, the local church. Take time to think with the people of God on these doctrinal matters.

2) Submitting yourself to the text is to believe that it is more important to be faithful to the Bible & its implications than to your own perceptions of how God should behave or function.

I’ll end with this great question found in the first chapter: “The question reduces to this: Does God elect people because they believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, or does God elect people in order that they shall believe in Christ?”