REdeemer snowboarding day

February 9, 2019

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Redeemer is going Snowboarding, again! This time it is open to everyone. All you have to do is register and pay to join us on this great outing. We will be heading up to Big Bear Mountain and snowboarding on Big Bear Mountain Resort. We will be carpooling up the mountain and we will enjoy a full day together. Here are more details below:


When: Saturday, February 9th

When: Gather at 6am Saturday morning at Redeemer

How: Carpool together. If you have a truck, plan on driving! Riders will pitch in gas money :)

Cost: $65 for a Big Bear Mountain Lift Ticket

What to Bring: Snow pants, snow jacket, beanie, waterproof gloves, your own snowboard or skis, and boots, change of clothes after the day on the slopes! Snacks, water, and cash for your meals.


  1. I can’t afford $65! - Understandable. Please let Matt Irving or Brandon Burns know. Scholarships may be available.

  2. I've never snowboarded before!?? - No problem. There will be a few of us going who will be willing to spend some time with you to teach you.

  3. Meals! - Everyone is on their own for their meals. We recommend you eat before or bring breakfast with you. Big Bear Mountain Resort has a few lunch options while we are snowboarding or you can pack your own lunch. And then more than likely we will all go to dinner up in Big Bear afterward.

  4. I don’t have a snowboard - You will need to rent or borrow a snowboard. We recommend you taking care of this before Saturday so that when you arrive Saturday morning at Redeemer we can simply pack up and go. However, you can rent equipment up the mountain as well.

Discipleship, Nurturing, and Accountability

Redeemer is committed to creating intentional settings where men can devote themselves to Gospel-shaped living. As a church, we are convinced that every member should seek to grow in their love of the gospel and believe that DNA (Discipleship, Nurturing, and Accountability) groups are a very effective way of pursuing this growth. We hope that DNA Groups will be accessible to every man who desires to grow in his spiritual life and be held accountable by his brothers in Christ in this structured process and setting. Below is the overall DNA format.



1. At each DNA meeting (with 2/3 other guys), you will cover a section of the book from the reading schedule. Bring questions from the texts, write a quick summary of your thoughts on the reading…overall be prepared.

2. Press one another to know the gospel. Go through in greater detail the different aspects of the gospel and their implications. Learn passages that are helpful in understanding the Gospel.

3. Encourage each other to be in the process of developing purposeful relationships with non-Christians, to share the gospel, and to be in prayer for those relationships.



1. Get to know one another well. Share your stories with each other. Understand the way that each member came to see the beauty of the gospel, what struggles they have experienced, what they are passionate about. Do this so that you can give each other godly encouragement with major factors in mind.

2. Each meeting you should take time to assess how you are doing in your discipline, in your behavior, in your motivations. Spiritual Assessment Questions are given to every group member to honestly examine their spiritual health before their DNA meeting.

3. Take time to pray for one another. Be intentional to pray that each of you would grow in your love for the gospel & for one another.



1. Press one another to obedience out of love for Christ, think together on what it would look like to be an obedient believer in their context. Write out what obedience would look like on a daily basis, on a weekly basis, long-term. Hold one another to intentional pursuit of obedient living.

2. Review the time between meetings and examine areas of life where sin has crept in and also areas where you have grown. Pray for one another’s battles against sin & seek to bring godly encouragement in this time.

If you have any questions, please contact Deacon of Men's Ministry, Matt Irving.